Vandoren V5 Series Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece;

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Vandoren mouthpieces are known for their high, uniform quality-among the best of the mass produced-and are especially popular among clarinetists. The Vandoren line is extensive. It covers all woodwinds and offers designs suited to a variety of playing and musical styles.


  • Great ease of airflow and articulation.
  • Tip: 176
  • Facing: Medium Short


  • Especially designed to offer the musician the possibility of playing softer reeds without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Tip: 204 
  • Facing: Medium


  • Wider tip opening than T15 but same quality sound.
  • Tip: 204
  • Facing: Medium


  • Designed for playing with optimum tone color throughout the compass of the instrument. Recommended for classical study.
  • Tip: 177 
  • Facing: Medium Short


  • For classical musicians. Preferred by players desiring more tip opening.
  • Tip: 230 
  • Facing: Medium
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