Wright Music Rental Contract Terms & Conditions

Wright Music, Inc. Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions
1) Wright Music, Inc. ("LESSOR") rents the instrument(s) and
accessories (collectively the "INSTRUMENT")
listed on this form to the customer ("YOU" or "LESSEE"
2) The INSTRUMENT is, and shall remain at all times,
the property of LESSOR.
3) YOU agree to be responsible for the INSTRUMENT while in your care.
The INSTRUMENT shall be used by the above named student only.
YOU agree to keep the INSTRUMENT in its proper case/cover,
or on an approved stand in a safe area, when not in use.
YOU further agree that, when transporting, the INSTRUMENT,
YOU shall do so in its appropriate case/cove and under
condition(s) that will not harm the INSTRUMENT.
4) YOU are responsible of the full replacement value of
the INSTRUMENT if lost, stolen, damaged beyond repair,
or not returned in accordance with this Agreement.
5) LESSOR must be notified if the INSTRUMENT is to
be kept at any address other that as stated above or if
there is any change to any of the information set
forth above. YOU further agree to notify LESSOR if the
INSTRUMENT becomes damaged, lost, or stolen. All
notices by LESSEE must be in writing and sent to LESSOR
within ten (10) days after the event requiring notice.
6) YOU will not have any repairs performed on the
INSTRUMENT by anyone other than LESSOR. Any such
unauthorized repair voids the Damage Protection Plan
("DPP") if applicable and all warranties.
7) YOU agree to return the INSTRUMENT to LESSOR in
the same condition as received, less normal wear and tear
on or before the end date above. A late fee in the amount
of $5.00 per week shall be charged for any INSTRUMENT
returned after the end date.
8) If the INSTRUMENT or any part is not returned to LESSOR
in accordance with this Agreement, LESSOR reserves the
right to charge YOU the value of the INSTRUMENT plus
accrued rental charges, late charges, interest, and any
and all legal fees incurred due to YOUR failure to return the
INSTRUMENT in accordance with this Agreement.
9) LESSOR reserves the right to charge the credit card left
on file without notice to obtain payment of unpaid amounts
older than thirty (30) days. Your signature on this Agreement
constitutes your consent to such charges.
10) There is no refund for early termination of this agreement.