Vandoren V5 Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece;

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Vandoren V5 Series Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Noteworthy heir of the A27, it combines intonation and response to richness of sound with maximum dynamic range in all registers.

  • Tip 152 
  • Facing Short
  • Model: SM418

Easy to play, the A15 is recommended by educators for students of classical music.

  • Tip 176 
  • Facing Med Long
  • Model: SM411

Especially designed to offer the musician the possibility of playing softer reeds without sacrificing sound quality.

  • Tip 186 
  • Facing Med Long
  • Model: SM412

Designed for playing soft reeds with optimum tone color, especially in extended top range. Recommended for studying classical saxophone.

  • Tip 165 
  • Facing Med Short
  • Model: SM414

An astoundingly pure tone. An even of sound in all registers from the low notes to the high. An incomparable richness of sound and an extensive range of colours.

  • Tip 163+ 
  • Facing Med Short
  • Model: SM419


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