Vandoren V5 Jazz Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece;

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Alto mouthpiece designed for jazz.

Featuring a flat baffle and a round chamber, the V5 series jazz mouthpiece gives the most traditional sound of the Vandoren ebonite mouthpieces. The mouthpieces find favor amongst stage band players and are also found concert bands and sax quartets. A great all-around playing mouthpiece.

Wider tip opening than A15 but same quality sound.

  • Tip 186
  • Facing Medium
  • Model: SM413

For classical music or jazz (Big Band & section work).

  • Tip 206 
  • Facing Med Long
  • Model: SM415

Offers the same qualities as the A35. Ideal for be-bop.

  • Tip 220 
  • Facing Med Long
  • Model: SM416

The most open mouthpiece, its sound and colour are shaped by the player.

  • Tip 247 
  • Facing Long
  • Model: SM417


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