The Young Violinist's Repertoire, Book 1

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Nyssma Level 1-2

The Young Violinist's Repertoire is an ideal introduction to the established repertoire for the violin. Progressively arranged to take the young player from the very early stages to intermediate standard, the four books bring together music from all over Europe and span a wide range of composers, periods and styles. The violin parts are all in first position and the piano parts offer plenty of musical interest while being within the technical scope of players who have been studying for only a short time. The pieces are divided into two sections the first being slightly easier than the second, perhaps to be tackled later on as technique and ability develop.

Publisher: Faber Music

Composer: Various

Editor: Paul de Keyser and Fanny Waterman

Instrument: Violin and Piano

ISBN10: 0-571-50618-6

EAN: 9780571506187

Page Count: 40


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