The Real Book Multi-Track: BeBop Era

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Today's best way to practice jazz! Accurate, easy-to-read lead sheets and professional, customizable audio tracks accessed online for 10 songs. The interactive, online audio interface includes: tempo control; looping; buttons to turn each instrument on or off; lead sheet with follow-along marker; and melody performed by a saxophone or trumpet on the “head in” and “head out.” The full stereo tracks can also be downloaded and played off-line. Separate lead sheets are included for C, B-flat, E-flat and Bass Clef instruments.

This volume includes 10 songs:

  • Au Privave 
  • Boneology 
  • Bouncing with Bud 
  • Dexterity 
  • Groovin' High 
  • Half Nelson 
  • In Walked Bud 
  • Lady Bird 
  • Move 
  • Witches Pit.
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