Camus - Chanson et Badinerie pour Flute

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  •  Alphonse Leduc
  •  Pierre Camus
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Composer Pierre Camus (1885-1948) is little known today. However, his Chanson et Badinerie is a sublime addition to the flute's repertoire and proves to be an exciting, yet challenging piece for performers. Camus' piece for flute and piano accompaniment is in two movements. Chanson (Song) is composed in 6/8 meter and reflects French romantic characteristics in its use of lyrical melodies, use of the lower register of the flute, and chromaticism. The Badinerie contrasts with this with a faster tempo, 2/4 meter, chordal piano accompaniment and scalic semiquaver flourishes. All of these elements combine in Camus' Chanson et Badinerie to make for an exciting addition to the advanced flautist's repertoire.

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