Bastien Piano Basics Performance

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Performance is the Bastien Piano Basics solo collection series. The enjoyable variety of original tunes, folk songs, and pop styles will spice up piano study, and the delightfully colorful artwork will give students a lift! Each of these solos is designed for study as well as performance for family, friends, or recital audiences. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Theory, and Technic. Extremely appealing to today's students, and convenient for busy teachers!

  • The Primer Level contains 25 solos that use concepts presented in Piano. Ideal for study of first recital; several include duet accompaniments.
  • Level 1 contains 20 supplementary pieces to reinforce and provide more enjoyment of fundamentals learned.
  • Level 2 contains 19 imaginative supplementary pieces to augment learning.
  • Level 3 includes 18 attractive supplementary pieces correlated with Piano.
  • Level 4 contains 18 supplementary pieces correlated with Piano.
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